Our partners

Thermopoint is dedicated to supplying only superior quality products manufactured by highly reputable European manufactures whose decades of experience has resulted in trusted quality products.

Thermopoint’s partner’s include Senko, Alfaplam, Mescoli, Plamen, Color Emajl and others.
Our Partner Plamen is one of the largest and most respected cast iron factories in the world and has been in existence for over 100 years. Plamen are manufactures for world leading brand names including Palazzeti, La Nordica, Edil Kamin and many more.

Alfaplam according to quantity of production and quality are the leading manufacturer of heating devices in Southeast Europe, and are among the top 5 producers in Europe. Alfaplam are the manufacture for world leading brand names including Wamsler. Alfaplam produce 160,000 heating units a year.

Our partners Senko and Colour Emajl are amongst world leaders and have gained their reputation for design and efficiency. They strive for perfection and boast of achieving high levels of certification. They are the largest exporters of solid fuel appliances to the German market and neighbouring countries.

Companies Lincar, Thermorossi and Mescoli our new suppliers from Italy are story for themselves and there is needless waste words because it is a top quality and the well-known Italian design.

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