23 Apr 2018

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Additional events to those listed in table 7 that occurred at an incidence of at least 1 in controlled clinical trials of the immediate-release formulation of bupropion 300 to 600 mg day and that were numerically more frequent than placebo were cardiac arrhythmias 5 vs 4 , hypertension 4 vs 2 , hypotension 3 vs 2 , tachycardia 11 vs 9 , appetite increase 4 vs 2 , dyspepsia 3 vs 2 , menstrual complaints 5 vs 1 , akathisia 2 vs 1 , impaired sleep quality 4 vs 2 , sensory disturbance 4 vs 3 , confusion 8 vs 5 , decreased libido 3 vs 2 , hostility 6 vs 4 , auditory disturbance 5 vs 3 , and gustatory disturbance 3 vs 1 .

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bupropion, or wellbutrin, is a commonly used antidepressant.

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