24 Nov 2018

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Milk and Dairy products. Sticky thick mucus may flow down to the throats back from cold or an allergy is called phlegm. If phlegm is the cause of a cough.then one must avoid foods that may cause the formation of mucus. Milk and other dairy products increase the mucus formation particularly when the infection lukol sale persists. Therefore.one must stay away from dairy products when suffering from a cough. Some of the dairy products that one should avoid are milk and milkshakes.sour cream.whipped cream.yoghurt.ice creams.etc. Caffeine. Coffee is a common diuretic that leads to excessive urination and later complications of dehydration. This further leads to a dry cough. So.avoid consumption of caffeinated drinks. Citrus Fruits. Avoid lukol sale citrus fruits such as watermelon.bananas.peaches.and mangoes. Such food items contain citric acid that irritates the throat leading to a cough. Fried foods. One must not consume fried foods such as French fries.lukol sale.etc. as these secrete an irritant known as acrolein that is known to increase cough reflex. Processed chips. Processed foods such as fried noodles.cheese.cereals.etc. can suppress the immunity of a person So.there are more chances of infections if one consumes too much of such food items. Allergen foods. Some people who have complications like asthma can further be affected with allergic disorders such as a cough lukol sale consumption of irritant foods like yeast.nuts.fish.milk.etc.

Always cover your mouth and nose whenever you trigger sneeze or a cough. Always stay hydrated and consume lukol sale of fluids. Make sure to keep your environment clean.especially items of daily use such as cell phones.toys.countertops.

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The state in which the immune system is functioning sub-optimally is called immunodeficiency. Immunodeficiency states can have serious consequences e.lukol sale. predisposing to life-threatening infective diseases or cancer. Overfunctioning of the immune system is also common. Conditions in which the immune system over functions are hypersensitivity reactions or allergies.as well as autoimmune diseases (when the immune system recognises the body’s cells as “foreign” and starts to attack them).

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