23 Apr 2018

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the following are taken from the general arrival checklist at the university of texas medical branch shriners burns hospital abcs of trauma establish airway check breathing 4 barret administer oxygen control external bleeding insert ivs purchase 30mg procardia with visa, foley catheter generic 30 mg procardia overnight delivery, nasogastric tube ngt initiate fluid resuscitation search for associated injuries patient evaluation ample history see below immunization status check accompanying referral paperwork complete physical examination rule out occult injuries complete laboratory evaluation see below other x-ray exams if needed clean and gently debride wounds culture blood proven 30 mg procardia, urine, wound, sputum photographs burn diagrams size and depth fluid requirement calculation measure height and weight determine total bsa and bsa burned resuscitation formula see below circulation assessment escharotomies splint and elevate serial exams infection prevention tetanus prophylaxis streptococcus prophylaxis 48 h children only major injuries pre perioperative systemic empirical antibiotics based on local sensitivities metabolicsupport prevent hypothermia comfort measures sedation, analgesics see below hormonal manipulation see chap.

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